I’ve been an artist since I was a child. I was smitten with horses as a girl, and I learned how to draw them beautifully! The PTA Reflections contest is what really cemented my identity as an artist, because I won that visual art contest several times. Later, in high school, I was again recognized for my artwork by being selected as a representative from my high school to be a Sterling Scholar in Art. I only wish I had the confidence that these accolades should have given me. I didn’t study art in college (I graduated in Political Science), because I didn’t believe that I really could be an artist— I needed a mentor at that time who could have helped me see who I really was! It took years for me to understand that I have to be what I am— I’m an artist! I love to create!


In 1993, I began working as a mural artist— I actually got my start by knocking door-to-door in upscale neighborhoods while I was still in college. Painting murals gave me the opportunity to work in some of the finest homes and businesses in the West, as well as the opportunity to fine-tune my painting skills.  Since then I’ve designed everything from rubber stamps to wallpaper.   I’ve even sold my prints on QVC!   However, it wasn’t until I became a mother that my focus shifted and I found my niche in painting illustrations of women and children in daily domestic life.  Today, I’m a diet-coke-drinking, PTA-participating wife & mama of three!  I cook, clean, do laundry and care for my family, so the inspiration for my work is always around when I take off my apron and get ready to paint!

My Inspiration

I’m fortunate to have my studio at home, where my inspiration is always nearby! I find inspiration in my garden…my domestic chores…my children.

 Every year I grow a vegetable garden because not only does my family love to eat the fresh, organic produce, we just love to watch it grow! With each month of the growing season there is something new to enjoy or anticipate coming. Our favorite time in the garden has to be autumn, when the pumpkins we’ve been nurturing all summer are just about ready to harvest and park on our porch. My greatest pleasure in life is to see the excitement in my children as they watch our garden grow. (My second greatest pleasure in life is capturing that feeling in an illustration or design). Oddly enough, another source of inspiration comes from household chores that I truly despise. Being a creative woman, I find it very difficult to engage in the mindless activities of running a household— the endless laundry, the cleaning of toilets and showers, the perpetual pick-up of toys and school papers. My mind begins to create as I engage in these activities, and I ponder on the domestic work that women for generations have done. You’ll see that “Domestic Diva” is a theme I’ve used often in my artwork. It’s my simple tribute to the women who labor at the domestic chores that make life more pleasant! (Who doesn’t appreciate fresh, clean sheets?)

Finally, my children inspire me! While I’ve been a working artist from before the time I became a mother, I didn’t hit my stride as an artist until my greatest source of inspiration arrived. I suppose that part of the reason that they inspire me is that they are always changing. Raising children is an adventure at every turn, it’s anything but boring!