This is a funny thing… I’m working hard trying to connect with “influencers” to help promote my new brand, Stitched (design a quilt, order it and we’ll make it for you).  Invariably the “influencers” are all young enough to be my daughters.  I’m not sure what to make of this.  I don’t feel bad (really I don’t, I keep telling myself)!  If I looked like most of them do, I’d enjoy taking photos of myself in gorgeous clothes, and creating the perfect enviable image of my family.

The thing is, I haven’t come across a great blog for women MY age.  Where are you, middle-age awesome babes?  Too busy actually living the good life?  Please let me know you are out there!  Let me know what you do, who you are.  Tell me the real life stories of relating to teenage daughters,  how you deal with the fatigue of cooking after 20+ years of marriage, how you feel about life’s opportunities getting more narrow, how you feel about tried and tested relationships and what you’ve learned along your journey to adulthood (REAL adulthood, not pretend adulthood)!

Wait, maybe I should do this…I’ve always loved to write and I have plenty to say about life!  Being almost 44, I also have acquired the perspective to speak with some authority.   In my mind, the real influencers are women who have arrived at a comfortable stage in life, who’ve learned a thing or two over the course of several decades, have more income to spend than twenty-nothings, and more relationships to nurture.

Alright, I’ve convinced myself.  I need to be a voice for the over 40 crowd– I just nominated myself.  Here I go…


My darling kiddos


Emily Taylor Family

3-year old family portrait (time for a new one! I’ve been a little busy)


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